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Thinking about buying some art?  

...A quick guide

Ways I sell my work...

1. Through my website's online shop here
I have a range of Limited Edition Prints available currently there for sale, and am working to add more work including originals soon.  If you ever see anything online or in person that isn't listed here, it doesn't mean it's not for sale, it just might be saved for an exhibition, a gallery or just not yet listed!  So feel free to enquire if you would like to know more about a piece.

2.  Through one of the galleries I work with.
This may be part of a specific physical exhibition, online/virtual exhibition or shown as part an ongoing collection with a gallery - the work the galleries have may be available to view in-person and you can chat to gallerists about any questions you have.  They will normally deal with any enquiries about work held with them or if you contact me directly, I can pass your details on to them. 

3.  At an art fair or event.
Art fairs are exciting and very personal as I am able to meet people in person, discuss my work and if you are interested in buying work you can see each item on display 'in the flesh'.  I will normally bring a special collection or curated range of works to these events so they won't include all of my work you may see online or on social media.  You can buy directly at these events or contact me while the fair is on/after it to enquire about a work. 

4. Commissions - whether you have a clear idea of what you'd like or need help to develop an idea into a piece of art, I am happy to create commissions inline with my general style and range of subject matter.    To give you an idea, my costs are similar to my normal prices for works of the same size, medium and complexity.  More info about commissions is available in my FAQs  here.

4.  Through enquiries about individual artworks.

Either through a message, contact on social media, through my website, my newsletter or in person, I sell work through direct enquiries.  As above, if in doubt, let me know and I will let you know if a work is available for sale and if so what the details are.

My Payment Options...

My online shop accepts Paypal and all major credit cards,  alternatively I can send a personalised card payment link via email or text to card payment link for any purchases.  At in-person events I accept cash and card payments.  

Some other tips for potential buyers... 

  • Original works are one offs - so once sold, the original painting will no longer be available to buy, however some of my works are made into Limited Edition Print's which are an affordable, small run of high quality reproductions which are a great way to own a picture you love with a smaller price tag.   In some cases, prints are available for sale and the original may still be available - any enquiries about a print's original just shout.
  • When a work is shown at a show often they are a specially created and/or curated collection, which may not all be available if sold or some may be displayed elsewhere following the show.  (Often people expect it to be listed online if they miss out on the show or want to take time to consider) If you like a particular work/s at a show it's worth keeping the name and/or mentioning it to me.  If you are interested in that artwork after the event I can then help identify if that artwork is available and if so, share the details.   
  • Make sure you read the description of an artwork carefully.  For example at the size of an artwork.  It can be disappointing to fall in love with a work that is too big for the room you are thinking of or indeed much smaller than you imagined.  Have a read through the particulars and you can get a good idea of what would work for you.  
  • Budget is a consideration for everyone, and not to be taken lightly.  If you love a certain style/subject/painting but budget is an issue, it might be worth dropping me a message as I make a range of work in different sizes and medium and there might be other options that suit your needs and your pocket and also offer commissions.   
  • My number one question is always 'do you love it?' when buying art, but I certainly appreciate it can be a tricky business buying artwork.  In order to get any purchase up and enjoyed as soon as possible, it can pay to be a bit prepared.  A few quick fire questions ...if you have a partner/family do they need to be involved?  Can you see it working in a certain room or location - have you had a measure up?  Does it fit in with your colour schemes and styles at home?...   Most of these aren't deal breakers but they should be considerations - for example there might be framing options to help an artwork settle in at home, or I can help with a bit of technical magic to visualise a painting in place with different colours to try things out.  Essentially if you're in need of a bit of a help, just drop me a line and I may be able to help.  My view is that if you are investing in something, it's important for you to be able to love it and enjoy it as much as possible. 
  • I try my best to list prices where I can and share details of artwork that is available for sale, but appreciate information is not always clear and it can feel awkward making direct enquiries.  Please don't worry if you'd like to ask about anything, I appreciate any enquiries both as a compliment and an information sharing exercise.  Please expect zero pressure from me if you'd like to find out more about any of my works.
  • Have I forgotten anything? Probably! Let me know here and I'll keep improving this page. 

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