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The Crow


Wild and restless.  

Rock old and rain new. 

Burning, diving, drifting into the next. 

Fast awake.

Thieves and guardians all.

'Birds'  Lucia Hardy ©

Fighting Crows


Together (part of a collection of 5 paintings) - Private Commission.

Together (part of a collection of 5 paintings) - Private Commission.

On the Wing

Night's Fire - Private Commission.

Firelight - Private Commission.

The Witching Hour

Treeline - Westerham


The wind is up.

The sky is dark.

There's chanting and a rhythm in the boughs.

The land it beats and calls and tolls,

A tattoo,

A summons,

To me.

'Tattoo'  Lucia Hardy ©

Storm Sky

Farmer's Field - Sold

Late Light

Abberton Skies

Light on the Water - Sold

Spectre - Sold


Strange mirror.  

Guide for unnamed things.

Without words, it tells a truth.

Like bells pealing in the next town,

Or a blade sharpened against a rock.

Like the warm light, which reaching through the window, touches my hand gently.

or like the sharp, root-deep twist of loss remembered.

The mirror is bald and unwavering,

Showing us our journeys, the people we were. 

The light we see, is our own,

Reflected back.

It shows the way forward, 

With love.

'Strange Mirror'  Lucia Hardy ©

The run through - Sold

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