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How much does Shipping Cost?

See the Shipping section, for shipping costs and processes vary between UKdeliveries, international deliveries, whether the artwork you are buying is onpaper or canvas (or another product) and what size it is.  I take delivering original artwork seriouslyand only choose the highest quality services to ensure your artwork arriveswith you in perfect condition.

What is your returns policy?

See the Returns section for all information about returns.  I’d like you to be 100% satisfied with any purchase you make so have explained the processes clearly below for returning your work if for some reason you are not satisfied with it after it arrives with you.

What if my item arrives damaged?

I take care to ensure work should reach you in perfect condition, by packaging carefully, photographing all work before packaging, before dispatch and using only trusted, high quality couriers. 

If your artwork has arrived damaged, please let me know as soon as it arrives, emailing me at with pictures of it’s packaging and the damage to the artwork.  I will discuss next steps with you, which may include return of the piece (for which I will meet the costs), repair, replacement or refund of your purchase.  For this request to be valid it needs to be made as soon as possible (within 14 days) after receiving the goods and for you to return the goods received satisfactorily to me within 28 days.

What if my item gets lost in transit?

I track your goods when sent and only use trusted high quality couriers, as a result very few packages go missing.  In the event that they do, I would be able to locate or trouble shoot any issues quickly. 

Let me know if you don’t receive your items within the expected time of your delivery method (described in the shipping section) and I will be able to enquire with the couriers and resolve the issue promptly. 

In the rare event that a package is lost by the couriers, I will ensure you receive a full refund, a replacement (if available) or alternative, should you wish, for the works you purchased.

How can I pay?

Payments are taken through my web store via PayPal in British Pounds Sterling.  You can use the PayPal service to pay with your debit or credit cards or via your personal PayPal account.

I also sell in person at events and remotely via social media and email enquiries, using emailed secure payment links, that accept both Paypal and all major debit and credit cards.

I'm thinking about buying some art - how does it work?

I know buying art can sometimes feel a littleoutside of people's comfort zone, so I've created a summary guide of the ways I share and sell my work as well as some buyer's tips... click here for all you need to know.

Do you sell art at events I could visit?

Yes, I exhibit at Art Fairs, such as Roy’s Art Fair, London, where I have a stand of work (alongside other artists) and visitors can view art in the flesh, purchase and take artwork home with them.  I also (ordinarily) have stands at seasonal events such as the National Trust’s Coggleshall Xmas Fair in Essex during November and Wildfest, Essex Wildlife Trust’s summer fayre.  For the most up to date information on my latest events check out my News page.

Can I visit your studio?

My studio isn’t open to the public, and as yet I haven’t taken part in any open studios events, however, it’s possible to arrange a visit or a temporary mini exhibition somewhere suitable – which can be particularly helpful if you would like to see a selection of paintings in the flesh.  Just drop me a line here if this is something you would like to arrange.

Do you accept commissions? 

I accept commissions for native birds, wildlife, landscapes and abstracts in the vein of my work to date and around the themes that inspire me… please see about me and gallery for more info and  examples.  I don’t accept commissions on other work at the moment, but if you have any queries let me know here.

How long do commissions take?

Normally commissions take between 6-8 weeks, but they can sometimes be done more quickly if needed.

The time it takes from start to finish varies for each commission, depending on clients’ requirements, the medium, size of the painting and my availability. 

I’d like to know what costs and timelines were involved for my commission idea/project?

I just need a few bits of key information about your commission ideas to provide you with details on approximate costs and timeframes. 

Email or DM me with the following information, or if you’d prefer we can arrange a quick call:

·        Your key ideas and hopes for the artwork

·        General ideas about size or format (normally I paint in acrylics on canvas)

·        What subject/elements of my work you’d like to incorporate

·        Who it’s for and whether there are any timelines you are working to. 

I should be able to provide some costs and timeframes and any key thoughts, so that you can see if it’s something you want to take forward. 

What’s the process if I’d like to go ahead with a commission?

If someone would like to commission a work after an initial discussion, I would start the design phase of the process and may schedule, if needed, a further discussion or forward you some key questions to explore our ideas in more depth. 

Once I am clear on your preferences for a unique piece of artwork, I will develop one or several key designs/ideas for the work.  I would liaise with you, sometimes including sketches or visuals, to explain what my vision for the work would be.  Some clients prefer me to follow my own artistic process to come to a final decision and that is fine too!  I would always however confirm that you were happy with the final ‘design’ and wanted to proceed.  At this point, I ask for a 50% non-refundable deposit and I would begin work. 

I like to keep in touch with client’s during this phase, even if it is just a quick message to let you know how things are going.  Depending on your preferences I could share a picture of the work when it’s nearing completion to get impressions and feedback, to ensure I’m on the right track and clients’ love where it is heading.  Some people prefer a big surprise reveal at the end which is exciting and perfectly fine too.

Once the work has been completed, I have a final check-in (with photos if preferred) to ensure that buyers are going to love their new artwork prior to it’s arrival.  At this point customers would make the final 50% payment based on successful completion of the commission.

Finally, the commission is delivered (or arrives) and you receive your very own, unique and stunning, original artwork.  

Just drop me a line here to have an informal chat about your ideas for a commission.

What’s the differences between the types of art prints available?

Limited Edition

Limited Edition Prints on this site describe a run of limited number of special print reproductions made from high quality digital scans or specialist photographs of an original artwork made by the artist.  Each work will have a number within the run, for example if you receive an artwork with ‘5/20’ on it, this means that it is the 5th Limited Edition Print of a total of 20 that were made.   These numbers will either be handwritten on the front or the back of the print and individually signed by the artist.  As the artist I keep a detailed log of the prints sold from these editions and they can be validated using my signature standard.  Once these prints are sold, the same image will not be reproduced in this size and medium again. 

Open Edition

Open Edition Prints on this site describe special print reproductions made from high quality digital scans or specialist photographs of an original artwork made by the artist.  They are called ‘Open Edition’ because there is no limit placed on the artist as to how many may be reproduced over time.

Digital Art Prints

Digital Art Prints on this site describe special print reproductions made from high quality scans or specialist photographs of an original artwork made by the artist.  These prints have been produced by specialist printers using digital printing equipment to reproduce an image at a high quality.  Often favoured for photographic reproduction, these prints are clean, clear and vibrant, bringing a myriad of colours and sharp compositions to life when recreating a stunning original artwork.  Monochromatic digital art prints really pop with the sharp contrasts of black against white.  They offer an excellent quality and attention to detail at an affordable cost when adding a beautiful artwork to your home.

Giclee Fine Art Prints

Giclee Fine Art Prints on this site describe special print reproductions made from high quality scans or specialist photographs of an original artwork made by the artist.  These prints have been produced by Fine Art Specialist Giclee Printers using advanced digital printing equipment.  The print quality is exceptional, with superior colour technology and lightfast inks used at ultra-high resolution, to create reproductions that are often almost indistinguishable from original works.  These prints are stunning, whether delicately subtle or full of rich, beating colour.  Giclee printing offers a premium fine art reproduction that collectors can cherish and enjoy for a lifetime. 

Where are you based?

I’m on the edges of London and Essex, in Harold Wood, Essex.  I work in and around London and Essex, work across the South of England and East Anglia.  I’m a member of the Colchester Arts Society and am represented at The George Farnham Gallery, Saxmundham, Suffolk.  I exhibit with Roy’s Art Fair and have shown at London’s Southbank and the Truman Brewery in Spitalfields.  I’m also a member of local artists networks and support the local Havering and Brentwood Arts initiatives.

If I buy art, do I own it's copyright?

No, the artist retains all copyright of any image they have created regardless of who owns the physical, original work.  This means that you shouldn’t reproduce, resell or repurpose images of the artwork for any reason, without first contacting the artist and getting explicit written permission.  Please contact me here with any queries or to report any possible criminal activity relating to image theft and unlawful reproduction of copyrighted images.  

The artist is within their rights to reproduce their copyright images – which may include original work you have bought - to create new works (such as, but not limited to; prints, logos, products, etc).  In regards to Limited Edition Prints, certain restrictions are always followed (see the question above for more info about the different types of print available).  Private commissions are also treated differently, and the commissioners of an original work would be consulted before any reproduction was being considered.    

Can I use an image from this site?

Please contact me here before using any images from this site.  All images and content on this site, as well as artwork and content shared through LuciaHardyArt Instagram and facebook sites are under my copyright (Artist, Lucia Hardy).  Please do not use an image or content without first gaining explicit written permission.   Artwork or content must not be shared, resold, reused or reproduced without the artist’s explicit written permission.

How environmentally friendly is your business?

In order to package art safelyfor delivery, it is necessary to use specialist, protective packagingmethods.  I have been working through my stock of each type ofmaterial and when restocking source more recycled and recyclable options.  I have recently switched over torecycled paper bubble wrap for internal packaging and kraft tapes for someapplications.  I try to reuse thepackaging I receive as far as possible and encourage my buyers to do thesame with 'please recycle me' stamped where suitable on my packages as areminder. 

I cluster orders from suppliers where possible; Irepaint and reuse canvases of paintings I no longer love and Ishare equipment or paint that are no longer needed with my local schoolsand artistic friends.  I use rags to reduce my need for paper towels and washand clean my brushes in a bucket, which I leave overnight to separate, toremove as much of the residual acrylic paint (non-toxic but contains plastic)without having to resort to chemical separation techniques which wouldthemselves then need safe disposal methods. I have made many interesting artworks and crafty projects in mytime from the weird and wonderful things that find themselves not longeruseful at home and in the studio and I'd encourage you to do so too - it'sgreat fun!

I’m a passionate supporter of micro to macro environmentaland wildlife preservation causes, projects and organisations, and want to domore to make my impact smaller.  If you’dlike to know more about any of the above or have some ideas that could help mego greener - please let me know here.  

Is your question missing? Just drop me a line here if there's anything else you'd like to find out more about.  

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